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Bangkok Girlfriend Investigation. Thai ladyboy. Thailand private investigator

Bangkok Girlfriend Investigations


Bangkok Girlfriend Investigations

Hello Man!

Probable scenario

Bangkok Girlfriend Investigation.
Client: 39-year-old male from the UK.
Target: The subject was a 22-year-old Thai female.

Case log

The client requested a Bangkok Girlfriend Investigation. The subject was a 22-year-old Thai girl. She was working at a hotel on Soi 5 and living in Bangkok alone. They spent two weeks together in Bangkok. She told him that she loved him. So, they became involved in a long-distance relationship. He was sending her 30,000 baht a month and paying for school and her apartment also. He was with her for about six months at the time. Whenever we get a request for a Bangkok girlfriend investigation, it usually involves Thai bar girls. In this case, she had a regular job.

Bangkok Girlfriend Investigation – Suspicions

The phone is always off, battery dead, complaining about not having enough money. The client was suspicious of her and stated: “She is acting funny; lately, she sounds funny also.” When asked what he meant by funny, he just said, “I don’t know, just funny.” According to him, there was something wrong, but he couldn’t tell what it was. He just felt something was out of place. So, he asked me to investigate and see what I could find. It turned out this wasn’t a typical cheating Thai girlfriend situation.

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Thailand private investigator files. Surveillance reports. Case evidence. Thailand private detective

Bangkok Girlfriend Investigation – Surveillance

This case was solved by following the girl around only. I picked up her trail at her apartment, and that was all I needed to see. One look at her was all it took; this was a ladyboy! The client was unaware of this. He did not send a photo as he said he did not have one. But, he described her in detail. Big rack, tall, long straight blonde hair, beautiful smile, and a dragon tattoo on her left shoulder. Another small butterfly tattoo on her right ankle. Initially, I thought I had the wrong person until I got up close. I confirmed the tattoos and the small scar on her right hand also. I confirmed it was her! Him? Some Thailand private investigator stories are hard to believe. But there it was!

So, he didn’t know it was a ladyboy! Oh man, how do you tell a guy this? I called him on the phone immediately to break the news. He seemed unaffected and, in fact, said he didn’t care and that he loved her. He revealed that he never actually had sex with her (him) when he was here in Bangkok. So, he asked me to continue the investigation to see what she was doing. In addition, he wanted photos of her at the bar.

Bangkok Girlfriend Investigation – Evidence

Well, unfortunately for him, she was working at a ladyboy bar upstairs at Nana plaza. She was doing this part-time after leaving her regular job in the afternoon. I walked by there the next night, and she (he) was standing outside trying to grab customers and drag them into the bar. So, it was a straightforward case to solve, unlike most other cases. I was amazed to know the guy had no clue he was in love with a Thai ladyboy! I called him later on and told him the bad news about her working in the bar. He thanked me for doing a good job and hung up the phone. I never heard from him again.

Case closed 

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CheatingThai girlfriend

Thailand private detective is a group of professional Thailand private investigators. We conduct investigations in all regions of Thailand. The main coverage areas are Pattaya and Bangkok. Services in other provinces of Thailand are available. Our Pattaya private investigator division handles any investigations in Pattaya or Chonburi. We provide clients with facts and hard evidence. Photo and video evidence, for instance. Our network of professional Thailand private investigators includes Thai nationals and foreign Expatriate investigators. Both male and female Thailand private investigators. As a result, all investigators understand the culture and territory. Our Thailand private investigator services cover all areas of Thailand.

Furthermore, Pattaya Private Investigator provides services in Pattaya and Chonburi. Professional Thailand private investigator services in other regions of Southeast Asia are available through our partner network. Pattaya Private Investigators, Thailand private investigators, and Indonesia private investigator.

Thailand private investigator prices, and fees

The stated price includes all costs, typically. In some instances, complicated cases may require extra expenses. Charges will be discussed with the client beforehand. In general, the quoted rate includes all costs and fees. Our Thailand private investigators can investigate your Thai girlfriend. Our Thailand private investigators can investigate your cheating husband in Thailand. Business background checks and due diligence as well. Thailand Private Investigators understands the impact an investigation can have. For both parties. So we guarantee complete confidentiality and discretion. Clients can count on absolute privacy.

Thailand Private Investigators work from a subjective position. Hence, the investigator assumes all is good until proved otherwise. The client receives reports and evidence-based on facts. Also, we provide photographic or video evidence whenever possible. Thailand Private Investigators is an independent third party with no stake in the results. Therefore, we can deliver a factual report with an unbiased conclusion. Most of all, the truth is discovered.