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Thailand Business Background Check

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Do you need a Thailand business background check? When researching the legitimacy of a prospective business associate or customer, your evaluation and due diligence must be thorough. It is especially true when considering a business partnership in Thailand. For some, the time and resources required to gather this information can seem prohibitive. But for us, it is much more productive given we are here in Thailand and you are abroad. Some people worry that the delay a Thailand Business Background Check may cause will result in a lost deal or opportunity. We say, better safe than sorry. There are a lot of scams in Thailand and many Internet scams. A lot of people lose significant amounts of money on Thailand Internet Scams. Siam Spy’s Thailand Business background Check makes it easy to obtain business information by combining the essential business background data into one simple, easy-to-read report.

Thailand Business Background Check Specifics

  • Land, Condo, House, or other property acquisitions or business deals.
  • Manufacturing and machinery.
  • We investigate Gem, Gold, and Jewelry businesses.
  • Food and consumables investigation.
  • Parts Manufacturing business background checks.
  • Investigate clothing manufacturer businesses.
  • Bar, Hotel, Hospitality business background check.

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Why Do A Thailand Business Background Check?

In recent years there has been an increasing number of land scams in Thailand. One of the most well known and highly publicised fraud was the big land scam in Koh Samui. In this scam, developers in Koh Samui were selling and transferring more title deeds than existed on the island. Another recent land scam had similar aspects, and this one was in Phuket. It is critically important to do a due diligence Thailand Business Background Check on any developer here. Take our advice to ensure that before you buy any property in Thailand, the report on the title deed confirms the deed is correct and legitimate.

Thailand Gem and Gold Scam

Although this scam mostly targets unsuspecting tourists in Thailand, it happens in phoney Internet companies as well. A network of con men (mostly dishonest tuk-tuk drivers) present the target of the scam with an opportunity to profit from buying discount gems from a jewellery shop. It usually starts with a driver or tout offering a 10 baht tuk-tuk ride or even a free ride around Bangkok. The target of the scam believes he can buy precious gems at duty-free prices and bring them home and make a considerable profit. The touts or drivers will then take the target of the scam to a jewellery shop. Most people are found at the most popular tourist spots like the Wat Pho, Grand Palace, Siam Square, Khaosan Road, or other tourist attractions in Bangkok.

The tout will be dressed as a student or gentleman and will approach the target of the scam to tell him the place he is about to visit closed early. The tout or tuk-tuk driver uses the Thai people’s reputation for friendliness and will start up a conversation, asking where the target of the scam is from, and if this is his first trip to Bangkok. The scammer will also tell the target of the fraud that a tuk-tuk waiting nearby is cheap or even free because the tourism ministry has sponsored it. This sponsorship allows him to bring the target of the scam to other temples and attractions around the city. So, the victim of the fraud is taken to a remote temple and dropped off.

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Thailand Gem and Gold Scam

He does not know that there is another man there who is part of the scam. Eventually, the target arrives at a jewellery store. There he is told that he can purchase gems at far below the market value because of a unique government program. At this jewellery store, the target is pushed to buy “precious gems” that will sell for very high profits in his own country. Of course, this is not true. The gems are worth far less than the target believes. This same scam works with gold, where victims are told that special government programs are in place to boost foreign investment.

The programs allow individual sellers to offer gold at less than market value. Of course, it is not true and is another scam. In recent years we have seen this scam increase. In areas where there are high concentrations of tourists or ex-pats, an ex-pat investigator will be used. Sukhumvit, Pattaya, Phuket, and Patpong are areas where an ex-pat investigator is likely to conduct the investigation. When the case involves a girl working in a bar or sex club, the investigator will usually be an ex-pat. It is easy for an ex-pat investigator to blend into these areas undetected. In 19 years of investigation, I’ve never been found out once. The reason is because of my experience and knowledge of Thailand and the culture. My background in an Insurance fraud investigator is why I am so good at what I do.

The Professional Thailand Private Investigator vs. The Pretender

Nobody thinks they are under investigation. Very few people look over their shoulders in their daily routine. This makes it easier to conduct an investigation undetected. An amateur or an inexperienced person who thinks he is a qualified Thailand Private Detective is a liability. This person will make mistakes that can result in severe consequences. Always hire a professional Thailand Private Detective. There are a lot of fakes and pretenders on the Internet posing as Thailand Private Investigators. They will make costly mistakes that can come back on YOU.

Stealth and discretion are the two valuable skills a professional Thailand Private Investigator relies on. In every Thai Girlfriend Background Check, discretion is the highest priority. I use a host of disguises. The use of wigs, fake moustaches, different glasses, and hats is part of my routine. I carry a bag with me that has several props like this. I change shirts and pants in the afternoon and never wear any loud or memorable clothing. Bland, that is the appearance that works. Most important is the no eye contact rule. I never make direct eye contact with the subject of an investigation. People can remember a person they looked in the eye.

A Thai Girlfriend Background Check may require travel to the outer provinces of Thailand.  A Thai national is always best when a case involves travel to farm villages, small towns, or rural areas. Most of the time, it is my Thai wife. She loves to travel and loves to do cases out of town. I usually accompany her. A husband and wife team is instrumental in the Thailand Private Detective business.

Mainstream Thai Girlfriends vs Thai Bar Girls

Proper Thai ladies (those who aren’t prostitutes or scammers) are much less trouble. Most who have a relationship with a foreigner are relatively open and honest and have good intentions. When I say proper Thai ladies, I mean those who have reputable jobs and college education. Proper Thai ladies in Thailand are more conservative than western women. Most are reasonable people and innocent and would never think of scamming you or ripping you off. These are the Thai women you want to meet if you are looking for a relationship with a Thai woman.

On the other hand, a relationship with a Thai Bar Girl is a different story. A story with a sad ending most of the time. Avoid at all costs.

You’ve probably read stories of foreign men being ripped off by Thai ladies. In 99% of those cases, the relationship involved a foreign man and a Thai Bar Girl or Thailand Freelance Prostitute. Proper Thai ladies usually have a good job and their own money. They come from good families and aren’t on The Game like Thai Bar Girls. Proper Thai ladies are a much better choice for a relationship. They bring something to the table and have manners and intelligence. A proper Thai lady isn’t going to tell you stories like Buffalo broke a leg, Papa sick in the hospital. In my experience, Thai women are beautiful people, kind, gentle, and loyal.

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Thai Bar Girls and Thai Dating Sites

Another popular tool for Thai Bar Girl Scam is using Thai dating sites. They are full of scammers but also proper Thai ladies. A lot of foreign men get scammed by women using these dating sites. I’ve had cases where a foreign man met a girl on a Thai Dating Site and sent her thousands of dollars without ever meeting her. They fell in love over the Internet and also fell for the Thai Bar Girl Scam. It happens a lot, and the frequency is on the rise. Most of the men are over 50, out of shape, and have no game when it comes to meeting women. They are natural marks for a Thai Bar Girl Scam.

Thai Freelance Prostitutes and Phony College Students

Another scam frequently used on unsuspecting foreign men is the phoney college girl routine. Thai Freelance Prostitutes will dress in the Thai college student standard attire. A black skirt and a white buttoned shirt. Most of the time, the skirt is short, and the shirt fits tightly. This is a common ploy that works well on unsuspecting targets. The girl will say she is going to college to study to improve her life. The high cost of college education then comes into play. A lot of these girls are, in truth, a Thailand Freelance Prostitute.

Other Thai Freelance Prostitutes can be found in 5 Star hotel bars and lounges. There isn’t much the 5 Star hotel can do about it. You can’t outright accuse a patron of being a prostitute though nearly every girl in the bar is one. Everyone else knows the real story anyway, but not the guest of the hotel on his first trip to Bangkok. They are easy targets for a Thailand Freelance Prostitute. I won’t mention the names of these establishments, but a quick Internet search will return the correct results.

Thai Bar Girls With Multiple Foreign Men

This scenario is a common outcome of a Thai Girlfriend Background Check. Clients contact us after hearing other voices in the background when they call their Thai girlfriend on the phone. It is usually the voice of another foreign man they hear. It is not uncommon for a Thai Bar Girl or prostitute to have 3, 4, 5, or more men going at the same time. I’ve done many cases where this is the outcome, the discovery of other men in her life. The idea is to get as much money coming in from as many men as possible. A Thai Bar Girl can replace you in a heartbeat. Thousands of foreigners arrive daily to restock the fishing pond.

When we conduct a Thai Girlfriend Background Check, the first thing we search for is a marriage certificate. However, some Thai marriages are not officially on the public record. Village ceremonies are standard and not always on paper. She may even be married to a foreign man who lives abroad and has not moved to Thailand yet. This situation is common too. Multiple boyfriends and multiple customers are normal in the life of a Thai Bar Girl.

Captain’s Log. Stardate July 2012

One particular case comes to mind. A stunning Thai Bar Girl was working in the Super Baby Go-Go bar in Pattaya. She was one of the most beautiful Thai girls I’ve ever seen. My objective was to find out if she had any other boyfriends and if she was still working in the bar. She told her U.K. boyfriend she quit the bar. A long story short, I ended up in her apartment and met her Mother there. Her Mother was the Thai version of Mr T. With so much gold around her neck; I wondered how she remained upright. When her mother left, I asked how much money she could make working in the bar.

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She took a calendar out of her desk drawer and showed it to me. It was full of customers who had sex with her. Each entry had a country of origin and the amount paid for sex. I was looking at July; then I looked at the previous pages. All nearly full of the same kind of entries. If that wasn’t enough, she took out a small notebook. On the pages of the journal was an entry for all the men who were sending her money. These payments were every month. I believe it had 8 or 9 names in it. It had names, country of origin, age, phone number, and email address of each man. Honk Kong, China, Japan, USA, U.K., Korea, France, and a few others. Each entry had the amount of money she received from each man.

Hire a Thailand Private Investigator

If you need to hire a Thailand private investigator, contact us at any time. We will do our best to help you resolve the matter. A professional Thailand private investigator will help you discover the truth.

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Licensed Thailand Private Investigators – Investigate Thai girlfriend

Thailand private detective is a group of professional Thailand private investigators. We conduct investigations in all regions of Thailand. The main coverage areas are Pattaya and Bangkok. Services in other provinces of Thailand are available. We provide clients with facts and hard evidence. Photo and video evidence, for instance. Our network of professional Thailand private investigators includes Thai nationals and foreign Expatriate investigators. Both male and female Thailand private investigators. As a result, all investigators understand the culture and territory. Our Thailand private investigator services cover all areas of Thailand.

Furthermore, Pattaya Private Investigator provides services in Pattaya and Chonburi. Thailand private investigator services in other regions of Southeast Asia are available through our partner network. Pattaya Private Investigators, Thailand private investigators, and Indonesia private investigator.

Thailand private investigator prices, rates, and fees, Pattaya private investigator

All expenses are included in the stated price. In some instances, extra expenses may be required for difficult cases. This will be discussed with the client beforehand. In general, all costs are included in the quoted rate. Thailand private investigators can investigate your Thai girlfriend. Thailand private investigators can investigate your cheating husband in Thailand. Business background checks and due diligence as well. Thailand Private Investigators understands the impact an investigation can have. For both parties. So we guarantee complete confidentiality and discretion. Clients can count on absolute privacy.

Thailand Private Investigators work from a subjective position. Hence, the investigator assumes all is good until proved otherwise. The client receives reports and evidence-based on facts. In addition, photo or video evidence is also included. Thailand Private Investigators is an independent third party with no stake in the results. Therefore, we can deliver a factual report with an unbiased conclusion. Most of all, the truth is discovered.