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Thailand private investigator results - Thailand private investigator

Thailand private investigator results


Thailand Private Investigator Stories – Case Files – Results

In this post, I’m going to discuss the typical infidelity cases we handle. Many Thailand Private Investigator Stories are infidelity cases involving  Thai Bar Girls and foreign men (westerner). We get a lot of cases like this. It is quite clear that most foreign men do not understand the Thai way of thinking. Nor do they know anything about the culture. This is 90% of the problem.

Privacy and discretion is paramount of course. It is the first thing a perspective client asks us when they make their initial inquiry. Is my information confidential and private? The answer is always, yes! We understand that clients want a discrete Thailand Private Investigator working on their case. We understand this. Private client information is never disclosed to a 3rd party. For instance, selling email addresses or other personal information.  We guarantee your privacy. So, you rest assured that your privacy is safe with us.

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Thailand Private Detective – Case Results

There are 3 different kinds of results in my book. A good result, a bad result, and an “I didn’t have enough time” result. That usually happens when a case period ends and the client doesn’t want to continue. This is usually due to financial reasons. Given the required time, I can always solve a case.

We have handled hundreds and hundreds of case since 2001. Clients ask what percentage of cases get solved. The answer is 98%. That other 2% that don’t get solved is due to the fact we didn’t have the required time needed to solve the case. Again, this is usually because the client has financial concerns. But, given the time needed, I always resolve every case I work on. One way or the other. Most cases take 1-2 weeks in general. Some cases take much longer. This depends on the circumstances at the time the investigation starts.

The longest case I worked personally, lasted 3 1/2 months. I was able to get the required evidence on the 4th day of the last week. On that day another man showed up at the house my client had bought for his Thai girlfriend. It turned out this other man (German) was also a financial contributor in buying the house. Neither man knew about the other. In the end, she was exposed as a two-timer and that was the end of the game. The client had the money and the time to get the result. He said he just knew something was wrong. He was correct.

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Thailand Private Investigator Stories – Thai Girlfriend Investigation

Thailand Private Investigator Stories vary here and there, but there is a common thread in most infidelity cases. That thread is the general misunderstanding of Thai culture and the Thai way. This is why so many foreign men have so many problems with their Thai girlfriends. They don’t understand what they are getting into. So, it makes for some difficult situations. Here is a common scenario of a typical start to one of these relationships.

A guy from Sweden just landed in Bangkok. It’s hot as hell and he needs something cold to drink. Hmm, a cold beer might be nice. The first thing you notice walking along the streets of Thailand is all the bars. They are full of hot young Thai girls too. So, he pulls up a chair at one of the bars and instantly becomes a celebrity. Then, one of the bar girls comes over and joins him. Soft skin, dark eyes, long jet black hair, hot little body. He gets sucked in and now the ride really starts. He has fallen instantly in love.

She’s a young, fun, and a beautiful girl, who reluctantly came to town from a farming village in Thailand’s rural northeastern region. She’s just as blown on him as he is on her. She is with him  just as much as he is with her. They both fall instantly in love. But, she works at a go-go bar. Now of course she has only been there for two months. She doesn’t really want to be there but has no choice. But she has problems. Papa needs an operation, for instance. The family buffalo broke a leg and can’t plow the fields. So, he wants to help out. Most Thailand Private Investigator Stories have a similar theme.

Thailand Private Detective – Case descriptions.

In describing cases below, I will use fake names of course. Privacy is so important for most clients. So, we never disclose any of their confidential information, for any reason. The case information is reported as it was investigated.

Most Thailand Private Investigator Stories fall into 4 general categories.

  1. Thai bar girls. A bar girl turned girlfriend.
  2. Thai Freelance prostitutes, Internet dating sites.
  3. Mainstream Thai women with foreigner boyfriends, or husbands.
  4. Foreign women whose husbands are going to Thailand.

I will address each situation here. Thai Bar Girls and Thailand Freelance prostitutes are the most common cases. This includes Internet dating scams, which are common. Thai bar girls and Thailand Freelance prostitutes use well known Thailand dating sites to look for targets. Most men are over the age of 50. They don’t understand who they are dealing with. A lot of scammers use these sites to trick foreigners into sending them money.

Mainstream Thai women (the least problematic). Those with real jobs and a college education, for instance. These are the least problematic, but we often find they have a Thai husband or boyfriend. The foreign man doesn’t know about it, but suspects it. So, they call us to ask us for a Thailand Private Investigator who can help them.

The most common cases we get involve a foreign men and Thai Bar Girls. The second is foreign men who met Thai women on Internet dating sites.

Followed by Thai freelance prostitutes.

The last is foreign men involved with mainstream Thai women. Those with real jobs and a college education, for instance. These are the least problematic, but we often find they have a Thai husband or boyfriend. The foreign man doesn’t know about it, but suspects it. So, they call us to ask us for a Thailand Private Investigator who can help them.

I know that if a girl is working in a sex related industry, sex is going to occur at some point. For instance, if you work at a sex massage place, you’ll be doing sexual favors for customers. Otherwise you wouldn’t be working there. However, this agreement of receiving money for halting sexual contact with customers is a common thing. Many of the girls actually do stop having paid sex with customers. I’ve investigated many cases like this, and never saw the girl go with a customer. It does happen.

The next night she approached me in the bar. She showed interest in me so I started buying her drinks. I questioned her about any relationships she had. Her reply was that she had a boyfriend. He was a good man, but much older than her. She described him as boring. After several more drinks she said those magic words. I go with you. Here in Thailand everyone knows what that means. I want to go to your hotel. We will have sex, and you will pay me.

I said okay, paid the bar fine and we left. On the way to my hotel I saw her boyfriend was calling her. She did not accept the call. She turned the phone off and put it in her bag. The next step would be having sex for money. At this point, the evidence would be enough. But what I got was far more than expected.


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