Thailand private investigator stories


Thailand private investigator stories

In this post, I’m going to discuss the typical infidelity cases we handle. A lot of Thailand private investigator stories are infidelity cases involving Thai bar girls and foreign men (westerner). We get a lot of situations like this. It is quite clear that most foreign men do not understand the Thai way of thinking. Nor do they know anything about the culture. This ignorance is 90% of the problem.

Privacy and discretion are paramount, of course. It is the first thing a prospective client asks us when they make their initial inquiry. Is my information confidential and private? The answer is always yes! We understand that clients want a discrete Thailand private investigator working on their case. We understand this. So, we never disclose a client’s private information to a 3rd party. For instance, we don’t sell email addresses or other personal information.  We guarantee your privacy. So, you rest assured that your privacy is safe with us.

There are 3 different kinds of results in my book. A good result, a bad result, and an “I didn’t have enough time” result.

Case Results

There are three different kinds of results in my book. A good result, an unfortunate result, and an “I didn’t have enough time” result. That usually happens when a case period ends, and the client doesn’t want to continue. It can be due to financial reasons. Given the required time, I can always solve a case.

We have handled hundreds and hundreds of cases since 2001. Clients ask what percentage of cases get solved. The answer is 98%. That other 2% that don’t get solved is due to the fact we didn’t have the required time needed to solve the case. Again, this is usually because the client has financial concerns. But, given the time necessary, I always resolve every case, one way or the other. Most cases take 1-2 weeks in general. Some investigations take much longer. It all depends on the circumstances at the time the research starts.

The most protracted case I worked personally, lasted 3 1/2 months. I was able to get the required evidence on the 4th day of the last week. On that day, another man showed up at the house my client had bought for his Thai girlfriend. It turned out this other man (German) was also a financial contributor to purchasing the home. Neither man knew about the other. In the end, she exposed herself as a two-timer, and that was the end of the game. The client had the money and the time to get the result. He said he just knew something was wrong. He was correct.

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Thailand private investigator stories. Casework and evidence. Thailand private investigator.

Thailand Private Investigator Stories

Most Thailand private investigator stories vary here and there, but there is a common thread in most infidelity cases. That thread is the general misunderstanding of Thai culture and the Thai way. It is why so many foreign men have so many problems with their Thai girlfriends. They don’t understand what they are doing here in Thailand. So, it makes for some difficult situations. Here is a common scenario of a typical start to one of these relationships.

A guy from Sweden just landed in Bangkok. It’s hot as hell, and he needs something cold to drink. Hmm, a cold beer might be helpful. The first thing you notice walking along the streets of Thailand is all the bars. They are full of hot young Thai girls too. So, he pulls up a chair at one of the bars and instantly becomes a celebrity. Then, one of the bar girls comes over and joins him. She has soft skin, dark eyes, long jet black hair, hot little body. He gets sucked in, and now the ride starts. He has fallen instantly in love.

She’s a young, fun, and a beautiful girl, who reluctantly came to town from a farming village in Thailand’s rural northeastern region. She’s just as blown on him as he is on her. She is with him just as much as he is with her. They both fall instantly in love. But, she works at a go-go bar. Now, of course, she has only been there for two months. She doesn’t want to be there but has no choice. But she has problems. He papa needs an operation, for instance. The family buffalo broke a leg and can’t plow the fields. So, he wants to help out. Most Thailand private investigator stories have a similar theme.

Case descriptions

If describing any cases below, I will use fake names, of course. Privacy is so important for most clients. So, we never disclose any of their confidential information for any reason.

Most Thailand private investigator stories fall into four general categories.

  1. Thai bar girls. A bar girl turned girlfriend.
  2. Thai Freelance prostitutes. Internet dating sites.
  3. Mainstream Thai women. Those with foreigner boyfriends, or husbands.
  4. A foreign woman. Her husband is going to Thailand.

I will address the above situations here.

Thai bar girls

Thai bar girls and Thailand freelance prostitutes are the most common case files. It includes Internet dating scams, which are rampant in Thailand. Thai bar girls and Thailand freelance prostitutes use well known Thailand dating sites to look for targets. Most men are over the age of 50. They don’t understand what they are doing. A lot of scammers use these sites to trick foreigners into sending them money. Sometimes they get it. It can be in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. When land or homes are involved, it can rise to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mainstream Thai women

Mainstream Thai women are the least problematic. Those with real jobs and college education, for instance. These are the least trouble, but we often find they have a Thai husband or boyfriend. The foreign man doesn’t know about it but suspects it. So, they call us to ask us for a Thailand private investigator who can help them discover the truth.

If you met a Thai woman working a regular job, you are much better off. You are less likely to have problems with a mainstream Thai woman. However, this is not always true. Thailand leads the world in countries with the highest number of infidelity cases. So, it isn’t just foreign men who have cheating Thai girlfriend. Thai men suffer the same fate as you. H your Thai girlfriend has a good job, it doesn’t mean she isn’t cheating on you. So, if you are suspicious and not sure, contact us. A Thailand private investigator can help you.

Still, a mainstream Thai woman is much better than a bar girl when it comes to relationships. They have a job, and they have their own money. Thai women are very generous, and you probably won’t be asked for money. So, this is a much better situation with far fewer problems. Stick to the regular Thai folks. That’s the best advice anyone can give you.

My husband is going to Thailand

Yes, we know, we see them every day. We usually get a lot of inquiries like this. The woman says, “My husband is going to Thailand. He said it is a golfing trip, but I’m worried. I heard there are a lot of prostitutes there.” A Thailand private investigator can help you. This situation is another common scenario we investigate. The cheating husband in Thailand. A large percentage of investigations focus on this subject. In 2017 & 2018, it was more than 50% of our casework. In 2019 it was over 60%. So, cheating husbands in Thailand are on the rise.

These women are worried because they heard about what happens in Thailand’s bar scene. Or, they heard from a friend about Thailand’s easy access to cheap sex and Thai bar girls. There are a lot of news articles about this. Many newspapers and other media outlets ask us to do interviews. The interviewer always wants to discuss cheating husbands in Thailand. It is a popular topic and something we know about in-depth.

My Thai girlfriend quit the bar

We know that if a girl is working in a sex-related industry, sex is going to occur at some point. For instance, if you work at a sex massage place, you’ll be doing sexual favors for customers. It is called a happy ending massage here in Thailand. The same goes for go-go bars and beer bars. The whole point of working there is to make money. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be working there. However, this agreement of receiving cash for halting sexual contact with customers is a common thing. Many of the girls do stop having paid sex with customers. I’ve observed many situations like this and never saw the girl go with a customer. It does happen.

However, there is an equal or more significant number who doesn’t quit working at the bar. They say they did, but they are still working there and still going with customers for paid sex. So, this is where a Thailand private investigator is needed. Because you are halfway around the world, you can’t see the truth. But we can. You can send us in to discover the truth. We observe and report the facts as we see them. If possible, we will get you concrete evidence. For instance, photographic and video evidence So, if your Thai girlfriend is still working in the bar, you will know. Furthermore, we can tell you if she is going with customers for sex.

Female Thailand private investigators

My wife is a beautiful young woman in her early thirties. It makes her a perfect candidate for doing investigation work. She loves it. She can make herself look like a real tramp at times. However, she can go a bit too far with the costumes at times. But in the bar scene, she blends in perfectly. Her closet is full of great disguises, and it is a lot of fun to play roles. We both enjoy what we do. A big part of being a successful Thailand private investigator is your acting skills. You have to be a great actor. My wife can emulate Thai bar girls perfectly.

My wife is excellent at retrieving information from Thai bar girls. She can extract more information in a single night than most investigators could get in a week. It makes her the ideal partner to work with, and her technique is a work of art. She gets the party going, and as a perfect approach to extracting information. A few drinks from her “good man” husband (me) and the data starts pouring out. She can get all the details and has spectacular people skills. It is what makes her so good at what she does.

Whenever a case involves Thai bar girls, my wife is always there. Extracting information and logging details like you wouldn’t believe. She can also get lots of significant photographic and video evidence too. That evidence can be challenging to obtain at times. But having the right partner with lots of people skills makes a huge difference. In every case she works on, we get the required evidence every time.

A laundry list of men

In one recent case, my wife and I worked together; the client had suspicions his Thai girlfriend was still working at the bar. So, he asked us to conduct a Thai girlfriend investigation. She had agreed to quit working there in exchange for a monthly salary from her boyfriend. He also bought her a new motorbike and a new iPhone X. Those phones are not cheap in Thailand. The agreement was she would no longer work in the bar. However, it was permitted for her to visit friends she knew in the bar.

When we arrived at the bar, she was not there. The boss lady informed us that she was not working there anymore. But that she sometimes came there to meet friends. So, this was okay, according to the agreement. We went to the bar to look for her because the previous two days of surveillance at her apartment turned up nothing. We never saw her there. So, we decided to check out the bar.

The same thing happened the next day, no sign of her at the apartment. So, that evening we returned to the bar. We walked in and sat down. Again, she wasn’t there. We stayed there for about two hours. We were about to leave when she appeared at the bar. However, she wasn’t alone. A man was with her. He looked European, maybe Swiss or German. We knew this was n’t in agreement with the client.

Thailand private investigator stories

Fortunately for us, they sat at the table next to ours. What luck! My wife went straight to work, and within thirty minutes, they were both sitting at our table. A lot of beers later (for them), my wife had a load of useful information. When I say for them, I mean, I don’t drink. My wife always tells everyone I’m a recovering alcoholic (not true). I’ve never liked alcohol, but this story works well.

The guy sitting next to me didn’t understand a word of Thai, making it easy for the two women to talk in the open. Within two hours, my wife knew everything this girl was doing. Including the nationalities of three other men, she was calling her boyfriends. This girl had three different men on the line at the same time.  She knew when they were coming to Thailand, and she saw a few photos. One of those men was our client. She called him by name and showed my wife a few pictures of him. This information was evidence enough for the client. Case closed.

Get peace of mind

Peace of mind is the bottom line. It is the reason people contact us; they want to know the truth. There is nothing worse than not knowing the truth. Dark secrets hiding in the shadows isn’t fun for anyone. It east away at your peace of mind and causes stress and worry. We understand your dilemma. When we take a case, we understand what the end game is. It is to give the client peace of mind and resolve the situation with the truth. Sometimes the truth can be ugly. But the ugly truth is far better than the lie, and the endless discomfort of not knowing the truth. A Thailand private investigator can help you.

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Thailand private investigator stories

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The stated price includes all costs, typically. In some instances, complicated cases may require extra expenses. Charges will be discussed with the client beforehand. In general, the quoted rate includes all costs and fees. Our Thailand private investigators can investigate your Thai girlfriend. Our Thailand private investigators can investigate your cheating husband in Thailand. Business background checks and due diligence as well. Thailand Private Investigators understands the impact an investigation can have. For both parties. So we guarantee complete confidentiality and discretion. Clients can count on absolute privacy.

Thailand Private Investigators work from a subjective position. Hence, the investigator assumes all is good until proved otherwise. The client receives reports and evidence-based on facts. Also, we provide photographic or video evidence whenever possible. Thailand Private Investigators is an independent third party with no stake in the results. Therefore, we can deliver a factual report with an unbiased conclusion. Most of all, the truth is discovered.